The PCT SoBo 2016

This is all about my Plans to Hike on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.

PCT stands for the Pacific Crest Trail.
SoBo means I am going South Bound on the trail.

The following pages and posts are all leading up to my Long Distance Adventure and you are welcome to follow along!

Come on in, look about, comment or email me I am always open to learning new things and sharing the best information possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

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One thought on “The PCT SoBo 2016

  1. Hi, Wile E.! Texas Star here. I saw your comment on my blog–Bella-Trails. Yes, Bear Chaser, my GSD-mix, and I hiked the PCT in 2015, NOBO. Well, we hiked until I fell in a PO parking lot & broke my arm in 2 places (+2 weeks). Whodathunk you’d need trekking poles in town, right? Bear Chaser absolutely LOVED it out there. However, if you haven’t taken Asher long-distance hiking before, there are a lot of things to consider–resupply for a dog is much different (and more difficult) than for yourself, paw pad “toughness” prior to the hike and protection during, weather gear, their backpack how much weight they can carry, heat in the dessert (with or without booties), poodle dog bush, trail (& campsite) control & manners, their waste, oh, and unless they’re a service dog, they are not allowed in many areas in the trail…or in-town stops along the way…and a couple of trail angel locations. And it costs more. I’m absolutely NOT trying to discourage you but want you to be sure to be well prepared. I am 150% glad I took my dog. However, Bear Chaser went through a bit of depression when we got back home. We plan to go back in at Belden and hike through Oregon next July. It is an awesome experience–but very difficult. Let me know if you’d like to chat.


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